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We are pleased to be able to give you an automatic update in the usual form.

In addition to our participation in the DSAG Annual Congress 2023 and the new videos on our YouTube channel, we would also like to introduce you to the new automatics Release 2023.06 with the following new features!

Advanced role-based access control


Advanced system dependency management


Custom Workflow Extensions


Patch the Diagnostic Agent JVM

We are expanding our SAP Basis automation platform with other important functionalities and making SAP Basis operation even easier for our customers:

With the extended role-based access control, you can restrict the use of automatics as granularly as possible.

The extended System Dependency Management fully automatically identifies technical system dependencies from web dispatchers to HANA DBs to SAP cluster configurations and can fully integrate them into the automatisms take into account.

In addition to the new standard workflows for patching Diagnostic Agent JVM components, we also offer you numerous new features in our custom workflow engine.

We also give an outlook on the release 2023.09 with exciting new features!


Part of our team will take part in this year's DSAG Annual Congress 2023 and is looking forward to numerous interesting discussions and getting to know each other personally!Would you like to exchange ideas with us personally?Then feel free to contact us in advance:


There is new content on our Youtube channel!


Within an IT operation, different teams cover a wide variety of operations. In addition, managed service providers have the need to assign access to automatics in a targeted manner to individual customers. Due to the large number of automation options, it is therefore necessary to enable the automatic assignment of authorizations down to the lowest execution level (individual workflows). With the extended role-based access control, you can now decide for yourself which users are assigned which roles and thus authorization objects.


Interdependent systems are a common use case in an SAP landscape. This can either be multi-tenant SAP HANA databases with their associated SAP systems, an SAP system with an associated web dispatcher or SAP systems with technical dependencies among one another. In order for the user to be able to handle the system operations efficiently, automatics offers the possibility to correctly identify such dependencies in the various use cases, to define system sequences and thus to automate them efficiently.

In addition, automatics identifies cluster configurations so that passive SAP instances can also be recognized and taken into account in the process.


By extending and integrating with Ansible, you can handle any custom extensions even more easily. With the Ansible Playbooks and the provision of numerous collections, the interaction with the infrastructure and peripheral systems (web requests) is even easier for you. Furthermore, automatics offers the possibility to integrate automatics-internal information (from the CMDB) about functions, variables and permissions into custom task scripts.


Since the Diagnostic Agent cannot automatically patch its SAP JVM, automatics supports this! Automatics fully automates the patching process of the SAP JVM:

  • Checking the SAP JVM manifest file for version correctness

  • Creation of a new directory for the new SAP JVM

  • Extraction of the patch file using SAPCAR

  • Backup of original version

  • Set the necessary profile parameters to the new SAP JVM version

  • Restart Diagnostic Agent Service and Instance

  • Registration of the new component in the Solution Manager


In this newsletter we would like to give you a preview of our next release at the beginning of Q4/2023!

Extension in the management of certificates in SAP

Renewal of server SSL certificates

Security & Compliance Dashboard

As a major innovation in this release, we offer a new system-wide dashboard for the quick and clear identification and assessment of system deviations and risks. Among other things, you will find the audit reports of profile and HANA-DB parameters, open notes, expiring certificates, but also numerous new system checks.

DB patch for SAP ASE databases

In order to close the last automation gap in the area of patch management of SAP databases, we provide the workflows for ASE DB patching.

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