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automatics enables kernel and database patching in seconds.

patch management

3, 2, 1, PATCH!

Patch management is an important pillar of IT security. Regular updates help to maintain the functional condition and the highest possible security of the systems.

In addition, patches are also required to ensure optimal interaction between hardware and software. Security updates should be distributed to the systems as soon as possible to make it more difficult for third parties to exploit security vulnerabilities. 

Both SAP and other database manufacturers regularly release critical updates to fix software errors or known vulnerabilities. However, IT companies are often not able to install them on time for a variety of reasons (maintenance windows, throughput times, staff shortages). 

Keeping systems up-to-date operationally is an area that requires constant attention, especially with the diverse databases supported by SAP and the increasing distribution of database environments for high availability. 

Patch management is a multi-layered process in which all components of the SAP landscape must be continuously supplied with the latest updates.

With the SAP and database patch management, automatics offers a simple way of distributing and installing patches, taking into account all the necessary package and version validations. 

The effort involved in rolling out the patches is kept as low as possible, which means that companies can ensure consistent and stable IT operations.

Let automatics take over!
Save yourself the same work on a variety of systems and get time back - for the tasks that really require your skills.

Checking for completeness of the package files

Checking the new version and comparing it to the existing version (upgrade/downgrade option)

Backup/rollback option for SAP Kernel and  SAP Host Agents

Automatic restart of the affected SAP components

Parallel updates on all selected SAP systems




The SAP kernel is the central software component for the SAP Netweaver stack. Known errors and security gaps must be corrected at regular intervals by updating the operating system-dependent SAP kernel on the SAP systems. You only need to download the new SAP kernel package from the SAP support portal and upload it to automatics or make it available on a central file share. automatics takes care of all other tasks.

In addition to the SAP kernel, the SAP host agent and diagnostic agent patch including JVM are also supported.

Database security not only requires careful initial setup, but also ongoing checking for updates on errors and security gaps in the database systems. automatics is able to automatically distribute and patch patch files from SAP HANA DB, SAP MaxDB, SAP ASE, Oracle DB , MSSQL and IBM DB2 database systems. Your task is only to download and provide the update packages once.



System administrators typically spend a lot of time manually performing OS patches due to dependencies with SAP systems. This process is not only time-consuming but also prone to human error. automatics, together with Ansible, offers the possibility of automating the entire OS patching process end-to-end. Administrators simply need to define the desired state of their infrastructure, and automatics with Ansible takes care of the rest.

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