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We are pleased to introduce the new automatics release 2023.01 with the following new features!

Custom workflows


Custom tags


Diagnostic Agent Patch


Webdispatcher Patch

With the new features Custom Workflows and Custom Tags we now offer our customers even more flexibility and numerous possibilities to automate individual processes and workflows, such as OS patching or SAP system provisioning. In doing so, you benefit from all the advantages that automatics has to offer.

Furthermore we give an outlook on the release 2023.03 with exciting new features!


Configure your individual workflows using the new functions for custom parameters, custom tasks and custom workflows. This allows you to intuitively and easily configure your own workflows in just a few steps, while taking advantage of all automation tasks from automatics.

Whether OS patching, cloud operations or stopping/starting services outside your SAP system, extend your workflows exactly according to your needs.


automatics now also offers you the possibility to mark your SAP systems, components or servers with individual custom tags!

Create your own system pools, system environments or product pools.

Simply use these tags in the automatics workflows, such as auditing HANA DB or profile parameters.


We are expanding our patch management portfolio to include the Diagnostic Agent Patch and Web Dispatcher Patch workflows. With this, automatics offers, as already with other patch operations, the specific handling and validation of patches for DAA and WDP components. The configuration of these two workflows is as simple and intuitive as you are already used to from the other workflows.

OUTLOOK TO 2023.03

automatics grows and grows! With the beginning of Q2/2023 we would like to offer you more interesting functionalities!

automatics will provide our customers in the SAP-Basis outsourcing area with multi-client capability and a very granular authorization model. This will give you a central overview of all your customers' systems and allow you to automatically control, audit and track changes from one environment.

Our next major innovation is the release of our new "Systemcopy" module. With the Systemcopy module, you can have all pre- and post-processing in the course of your system and client copies fully automated by automatics:

Automated pre- and post-processing of system and client copies

  • Support of all databases and operating systems supported by SAP

  • Backup and re-import of target system configurations (e.g. RFC connections, versionDB, users, printers, etc.)

  • No intervention in running SAP environments (source systems)

  • High degree of parallelization, e.g. SAP BDLS

  • Documentation of copies and individual copy steps in the system

  • Automation of storage, backup and restore activities through custom workflows (e.g. triggering automated snapshots)

  • Supports all SAP NetWeaver-based SAP products (ERP, CRM, SCM, HR, BI, PI, Portal, etc.)

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